Well Informed Giving the Buyer the Best Information Possible

Ms. McNeill knew how to let the buyer feel at ease in doing all the paperwork to acquire the townhouse. She knew the city of High Point, the important locations of supermarkets, banks and hospitals in the area where the townhouse is situated. She guided me through all the steps of checking out  the home for any repairs, had them taken care of and she was extremely quick to provide me with key answers in getting all the tiny but important parts of the closing completed before the due date. She knew how deal with the sellers, being nice but firm on the areas of repair and getting the extensions needed so the closing of the townhouse and having the papers transferred to my name went without a problem. If there were questions that she could not answer regarding payments or how the money would be distributed in the closing, she guided me to person dealing with the loan. She did not hide the fact that it was not her area of transaction, she did her best to and get answers from those who knew the territory. I would recommend Ms. McNeil to anyone who wanted to buy a home (this was my first) since she is well informed giving the buyer the best information possible.

— Michele Stetz , Bought a Single Family home in 2017 in High Pt, NC