Working with Kathy has been nothing short of FANTASTIC

About a year ago, DeDe, you put me in contact with Ms.Nakayama. Today, she and I closed on my new home, and I wanted to tell you that working with her has been nothing short of fantastic. Over the course of the last year she has been extremely helpful, professional, timely, and friendly. Actually, I would say those are understatements. I fell that she has gone above and beyond to help me find a home (which I would like to explain below).

Last year when I started looking at homes, I was very new to the housing market. Kathy took her time to show me step by step how to navigate the Listingbooks site, how to understand what different areas and districts there are in Greensboro, and how the whole home buying process worked while also showing me about five homes every weekend around Greensboro. 

After several weeks of learning and looking at homes, I found one that I wanted to put in a bid on, and through that process we discovered that the state of WV had put a lien on me over a $400 tax issue that came about due to a miscommunication. I got the lien sorted out, but the lien had pushed my credit score down too low for me to get the first time home buyer loan I needed from my credit union. So, I waited about six months for my credit to come back up, saving up my down payment funds in the meantime, and instead of just leaving me to sort out my finances, Kathy helped educate me on loans, credit, and answered any questions I had in the meantime as I studied more about the realty market. Even when our contract had expired, she still went out of her way to help educate me.

Once my credit score was back up, I had more education, and I was able to receive the loan I needed, Kathy and I went looking at homes again and quickly ended up finding the home I closed on today. Let me tell you, it was no easy task getting here either. We had issues where the seller’s agent would not respond to us except maybe once per week, the underwriter I was working with ended up being let go half way through the deal, the appraiser for the home gave us problems both with not contacting the correct agent and then blatantly omitting information on the house to so it appraised at a lower value than the agreed upon price, the seller’s agent didn’t even come to the closing and did not mention to the seller that they needed to be moved out by the closing time or that they needed to bring their keys with them… I could go on. But the reason I bring up all of these complications is to tell you that Kathy handled all of these issues gracefully and in the most timely, professional manner possible. She kept on trying to contact the seller’s agent every day, she working with my lending credit union on the details of what strategies we were trying to use with this home purchase, she gave me all kinds of advice and education on what was going on; basically she handled every curve ball sent our way. I have had the absolute best time working with her.

Suffice to say, I could not have asked for a better real estate agent to work with and educate me, and I believe that it is important that you know just how much she has done for me this past year. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any additional information.

— "DT"